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I had my K Fusion hair treatment done at a local salon. I was a little worried how they applied it because I did look it up and saw it wasn't being done as recommended although the hairdresser kept reassuring me it was going to be ok.

I had a sleepless night and in the morning started looking on the Internet to check my hair wasn't about to fall out!

I came across dnl email address and decided to email my concerns.

I couldn't believe it, they called me on my mobile within the hour!

Asking lots of questions and trying to reassure me. I was lucky, we realised I only live about 5/6 miles away from where they are based. Lorraine could tell I was concerned and asked me to come to her anytime today so she could check my hair & deal with it if necessary.

I did, I couldn't believe it, Lorraine was so lovely, not rushing me in & out ( even though she had clients with her) she checked my hair and gave me reassurance and care instructions.

Happy to say my hair hasn't fallen out, it's lovely & straight.

AMAZING customer service, I was truly impressed!

Thanks dnl



26 May 2015
“Just to let you know I have had my hair done with L'Kerabelle and just to say 'WOW' and how impressed I am....with my new hair!!! L’Kerabelle & the final result certainly exceeded my expectations!” Carol-Cheshire



03 Sep 2012
Just wanted to say a huge thanks to D&L (especially lorraine) for coming into my life after Daybreak and giving me amazing advice which has totally changed my hair which in turn has changed my life and given me huge confidence and shed 2 stone too...I was very sceptical about haircare products but these are amazing...thank you xxx (Natalie Harvey appeared on ITV's Daybreak on 6th March 2012)


Natalie Harvey

10 May 2012
Had my L'kerabelle done about 8 wks ago. Its still as fresh as day one. My fine hair is so much easier to manage. Styling my hair is no longer the nightmare it used to be. Will be getting it re -done as soon as it needs it.



02 Feb 2012
Just loving the Agadir Argan Oil range. I used the shampoo and conditoner, the smell was lovely. When I dried my hair I put a couple of drops of the oil through it, what a shine, amazing. Thanks D and L Hair, will be using the mask next!



10 Jan 2012
I had my treatment done last wednesday in Cardiff and promised to make note here... I tested the product my way today, I wanted to see how well it would stand up to the humidity claims....really damp, drizzly, horrid day today which is basically my hair nightmare. I walked the children the mile to school without using an umbrella or hood and my hair has not turned into a frizzy crazy mess as it would usually have done, instead it has stayed in it's sleek ponytail and looks as it did when i stepped out. I was a little sceptical before, but very impressed now.



02 Nov 2011
Thank you SO much! I just love my hair! Even more delighted to show off my bump today and prove to everyone that Your product is safe to use on pregnant women. Thank you so much again. I LOVE L'Kerabelle! I tell everyone about it. It's changed my life!!!



22 Oct 2011
My hair is amazing, thank you so much. Love l'kerabelle. Even survived a very humid journey on the underground and a run to catch the train... A M A Z I N G.



17 Oct 2011
Perfect sleek, shiny and soft gorgeous hair! Once again the treatment is amazing!! Thanks to the D&L team at Salon International ;)) enjoy the rest of the event!


X Jo

17 Oct 2011
Was super happy with the results of my demo yesterday! Hair was sooooo soft! And the shine was amazing!!!!!!



16 Oct 2011

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